How to accelerate financial lending operations with APIs and AI

Sample use case: The loan application

  • The loan applicant fills the web form on the bank’s site then uploads/email various documents.
  • The uploaded documents typically are stored in some kind of cloud storage solution, like Box or an email server, in the case of emailed documents.
  • The staff extracts, reviews (e.g. validate for local jurisdiction requirement and regulation), and saves the documents along with the customer record in a CRM system, like Salesforce.
  • The officer then validates the document, evaluates risk, and submits the application to a back-end system for underwriting and decision.

Composing the process using APIs

  1. Document management Process API to extract and attach the loan documents uploaded from cloud storage to the corresponding account record in the CRM or a Content Management System (CMS).
  2. Document validation process API to automatically transform the document from a PDF or image format to machine-readable data using GLYNT, an AI solution. Then the data can be processed, validated against the business rules, and submitted to the Loan Origination System.

Automate document processing with AI

Making the digital transformation journey




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